PunctureProof Tyres Ltd, an Ireland based company, is a worldwide leader in tyre sealants. PunctureProof Tyre Sealant conforms to ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) Regulation 30 - The uniform provisions concerning the approval of pneumatic tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers. The ECE regulations 30, is a test conducted over 25,000 thousand miles at 100 MPH at 80% of the load index. During which the tyre was punctured by two 6mm puncture wounds and the tyre still maintained its tyre pressure throughout the duration of the test. PunctureProof is designed to protect all pneumatic tyres against punctures throughout the legal lifespan of the tyres. Read More..

What is PunctureProof?

Puncture Proof is a thixotropic aqueous glycol tyre sealant that when installed in a tyre will provide protection against air loss for the full legal life of the tyre.

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How does it work?

PunctureProof lays down a thin protective coating between the tyre and the air within the tyre. When an object penetrates the tread area the air pressure within the tyre forces the sealant into the puncture wound
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What are the benefits of  PunctureProof?

    • Drive with peace of mind – No more flat tyres
    • Higher fuel efficiency
    • 25% increase tyre life 
    • No Blowouts 

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