Green Credentials

To us here at PunctureProof the environment is of critical importance and one of the key reasons we believe so strongly in this product

Most sealants on the market use ethylene glycol which is highly toxic and classified as a poison. At PunctureProof we use propylene glycol as our cooling agent, the same stuff used in food products and pharmaceuticals. It is non toxic and can be easily washed away with water.

PunctureProof is unique compared to other sealants on the market, as we use ten percent recycled tyres in our formula as the blocking agent. By using PunctureProof you are helping reduce used tyre stockpiles (a major environmental issue worldwide).

By using PunctureProof, you’ll minimise the loss of air pressure from your tyres as the formula seals any porosity, bead and slow air leaks. This allows optimal rolling resistance for your vehicle making it run as efficiently as possible and reducing your fuel consumption. PunctureProof also eliminates punctures and cools your tyres down. This makes your tyres last longer thereby reducing your overall tyre consumption. All of these factors contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.