It’s a multipurpose liquid tyre sealant and coolant that is injected into info_graphic_puncture_proof each tyre through the air valve.Requiring only one application, it’s function is to coat the inside of the tyre, thereby preventing punctures, maintaining correct air pressure and lowering tyre casing temperature.

Simply, once installed, it’s function is to prevent any air escaping from the tyre and to reduce the tyre temperature.Puncture Proof is made with a propylene-glycol base, the same stuff used in food products and pharmaceuticals. This makes it non-hazardous, non-flammable, chemically inert and is easily washed away with water! Puncture Proof also contains anti-corrosive and anti-fungal inhibitors with a tyre conditioner which keeps your tyres soft and pliable.

Tubeless Tyre Guarantee

Puncture Proof is guaranteed to seal air leaks and punctures in the tread area up to 6mm in (4 to 8 ply tyres), and 12mm for (10 ply+ tyres), for the entire working life of the tyre